Updating net framework

03-Oct-2016 10:41

Here, we will add the following stored procedure Get Courses By Student Id into EDM.

updating net framework-37

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NET Micro Framework - Common Extensions Razor 9Do F AHRS firmware and NETMF drivers Woot. NET Micro Framework Binary Parsing and Processing Extensions Net Controller Pyxis 2 Netduino Library .NET but the best serializer for any computer language. The source code for this benchmark is included in the Json. My blog can be found at I post news and updates about Json. You don’t want Entity Framework to execute plain SQL queries when inserting/updating data into database when using Code First. Let us see first what the existing behavior is when saving information to the database and how we can make Entity Framework to use Stored Procedures instead of SQL queries.If the instance is not currently tracked, EF will start tracking it.

All we need to do is add an else clause that informs Entity Framework about the object and sets its state to modified.

But this design pattern breaks down when applied within the stateless architecture of a web session.