Tree ring cross dating software

27-May-2016 08:48

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The unique features of tree rings are a direct result of their formation through xylogenesis.

Xylognesis, the process of wood formation, refers to the initial differentiation of the xylem and phloem from the apical meristem and the subsequent generation of xylem and phloem from the vascular cambium.

This dendro-ecological study carried out in treeline ecotones in the Sagarmatha (Mt....

In tropical forest, landscape fragmentation and the consequent degradation of disturbed forests increase the incidence of light and dry hot winds, causing a disturbance on natural regeneration. I present and describe a new software package in the R statistical programming environment for dendrochronology.

A good source of basic information is the tree-ring faq (frequently-asked-questions). Remove the spoon, place the core in a straw and tape the ends with masking tape. You may want to take more than one core to ensure the pith has been reached and for crossdating purposes.

For information about the general field of dendrochronology, please refer to Stokes and Smiley (1968), Fritts (1976), and Cook and Kairiukstis (1990). When you have reached the centre of the tree, insert the spoon carefully. Push it in as far as it will go, then unscrew the borer 1 turn.

You should collect the cores as close to the ground as possible, to get the maximum number of rings.

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Complete sections make core dating easier, although this is not always possible!

R is considered the world's pre-eminent open-source statistical computing environment...

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