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04-Dec-2016 18:59

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Without scripts, netwatch can be used just as an information tool to see which links are up, or which specific hosts are running at the moment. The script "gw_2" is executed once when status of host changes to up.

Let's look at the example above - it changes default route if gateway becomes unreachable. In our case, it's equivalent to entering this console command: The find command returns list of all routes whose dst-address value is It is substituted as first argument to /ip route set command, which changes gateway of this route to The script "gw_1" is executed once when status of host becomes down.

The main advantage of netwatch is it's ability to issue arbitrary console commands on host state changes.

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The product method contains a bug that we'll fix as part of this tutorial. It contains two projects, $ dotnet run Hosting environment: Production Content root path: C:/Docs/aspnetcore/tutorials/dotnet-watch/sample/Web App Now listening on: Application started. The dotnet-watch Read Me contains information on dotnet-watch not covered in this tutorial.

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